Unemployed dating site

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All doled up for a date: Jobless get 'love' site

unemployed dating site
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My current unemployed status is part of a bold choice that I have made to leave a dead-end job in search of something more fulfilling. My favorite! I recently read somewhere, probably incorrectly, that this was one of the sexiest careers a man can have.
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Unemployed dating site

Entrepreneur Jack Knowles helped launch BenefitsBritain. A BenefitsBritain.

Online Dating Adventures of an Unemployed Man

Unemployed Dating

While losing your job may be a devastating blow to your career aspirations, it may be an even bigger blow to your personal life, according to new research conducted by a dating service. A significant majority of women said they would not date a man who was unemployed. Just one-third of men said they would date an unemployed woman. Another 42 percent of women answered maybe when asked about the possibility of dating an unemployed man. That answer, however, came with the stipulation that those women would not want to spend a lot of time in the relationship if the man did not have a plan in place.

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  1. He was going to be living on the government's dime for a while to come, so he knew it was time to cut costs where it'd hurt the most - his love life.

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