Nymphomaniac extended directors cut

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Nymphomaniac: Volume I and Volume II Extended Directors Cut

nymphomaniac extended directors cut
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Nymphomaniac Directors Cut 1

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Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 and Volume 2 [Extended Director's Cut]

A limited U. Obviously, some of it was going to be sexual, explicitly so. What else was missing?

The film was originally supposed to be only one complete entry; but, because of its multiple hour length, von Trier made the decision to split the project into two separate films. It was nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize. Nymphomaniac is the third and final installment in von Trier's unofficially titled Depression Trilogy , having been preceded by Antichrist and Melancholia. He takes her back to his home and, over tea, listens intently as Joe recounts the story of her libidinous life.

The acting is good, and some scenes are quite memorable, but it amounts to little in the way of pure art. What comes across as a bipolar character in the version that was first released turns out to be a beautifully realized, not to mention majestically acted, fully-formed person in the longer version.

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