Mexican weather lady

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Mexico’s Sexualized Weather Women: Subjects and Scapegoats of Pervasive Machismo

mexican weather lady
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AdalynnX - Fisty The Weather Lady

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A Mexican weather presenter has stunned all of her fans with her incredible body transformation, which she says is all down to 'effort, dedication and discipline'.
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?Mexican Weather Presenter Amazes Fans With Her Body Transformation

Mayte Carranco stands with a slight bend in her knees, hands clasping what appears to be a remote control. She walks back and forth across the stage, gesturing to the screen behind her when the visuals change from rain to sun. Even at the end of her announcements, when she blows a quick kiss and wishes her audience a good night, Carranco is cordial and succinct.

Left: Maxim Mexico, Right: Instagram. Yanet Garcia, aka Mexico's hottest weather anchor, is now single.

Yanet Garcia is internationally famed for her TV presenting in Mexico but the weather girl is about to hit headlines for a different reason. The year-old is enjoying a break away from her TV career to soak up the sunshine abroad. Yanet, who is dating professional Call of Duty player Faze Censor, shared a picture of her holiday to her Instagram.

Believe it or not, this screen grab is from an actual discussion on Fox News about "weather girl" Yanet Garcia whose pro gamer boyfriend broke up with her in order to play more Call of Duty.

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  1. The year-old YouTube star uploaded a minute video to his account, "FaZe Censor," to address his decision to break up with Mexico's.

  2. The year-old brunette can be seen doing a low squat in the image, posted to Instagram yesterday.

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