Izuku and ochako fanfiction lemon

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izuku and ochako fanfiction lemon
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Ochako panted as she receives a nice fucking from behind., Hey everyone, i hope you guys enjoy this.

A few months have passed since the events that saw Bakugou's capture by the villain alliance, All Might's victory over his arch nemesis, All for One, and the symbol of peace announcing his retirement. Society's trust in UA security has wavered but as a countermeasure, Principal Nedzu has converted UA into a boarding school. This way the students can be under maximum protection.

Umm, first story on Boku no Hero Academia. I warn you, the characters may diverse greatly from the originals due to lewd things. That said, rated M for obvious reason, don't own nothing related to Boku no Hero Academia except for this fic, just the usual.

AO3 Link: [xXx]. Note : More awkward flirting! Ochako hefted her bag higher onto her shoulder, trying not to cringe at the sound of its contents rattling loudly as she did so. She yelped as her foot sank into a particularly deep patch of snow, jolting her out of her thoughts. She lifted it up quickly, but a large chunk of snow had already flicked over the top of her boot and was now an uncomfortably cold wetness seeping through her sock.

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