Cesare and lucrezia scenes

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cesare and lucrezia scenes
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Cesare/Lucrezia Scenes - 3.02 - The Purge

While Mario Puzo is best known as author of The Godfather and other contemporary Mafia novels, history was one of his lifelong passions, and over the years, one of his side projects was working on a novel about the Borgias, published posthumously as The Family. - Log in No account?

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Cesare falls deeply in love with Baroness Ursula, Lucrezia has a torrid affair with Paolo the stable boy, while her husband lies in bed with a broken leg., April 15th, , am.

Showtime's papal drama The Borgias , set to return for season three on April 14, really couldn't have picked a better time to return. The world recently watched a chimney for days as a new pope was selected, much as the world watched the scandalous Rodrigo Borgia elected supreme pontiff in The historical pope played with gusto by Jeremy Irons on The Borgias is always at the center of some new scandal, with his children never far behind.

I also touched on other adaptations of the story of the Borgia family. At that time the forecast for anything more than subtext was grim — Jordan had indicated in interviews that the show would not go there, leaving the romantic aspects of their deep affection for each other as a sort of unrealized ideal. However, for whatever reason, that all changed for the third and, as it turned out, final season when a sexual element, and more than anything a sense of awareness, was introduced to their relationship.

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