Frozen anna and kristoff wedding fanfiction

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Anna’s Last Snowfall (A Frozen fanfiction)

frozen anna and kristoff wedding fanfiction
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The Promise, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction

Kristoff is the tritagonist of Disney 's animated feature film, Frozen. Having been raised by a colony of trolls , Kristoff was initially wary of humans, believing them to be cheating crooks. His outlook would slowly change upon meeting Princess Anna , whose warm-heartedness would prove that people aren't as bad as he believed.

What would happen if Anna had gone and talked to Elsa alone when she requested it at the coronation? The pay was generous and the work was simple enough for on the job training.

Today was August 1st, and it was said to be one of the hottest days in Arendelle in years. But the heat wasn't the concern of everyone, for today, almost three months since the proposal, was the wedding of Sir Kristoff Bjorgman and Princess Anna of Arendelle. After Kristoff proposed to Anna, the two of them and Elsa worked together with the rest of the castle's staff to start mailing out invitations regarding the news to the same countries and kingdoms that came to Elsa's coronation two years ago except for the Southern Isles and Weselton. So the date for the wedding was set soon afterwards, although the citizens of Arendelle were not given the news until the month after the proposal, during an engagement celebration party. While some preparations for the wedding were a bit rushed, Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, and the rest of the staff all sat down and carefully discussed the most important details of the wedding, from who would have a role in the wedding to the food that would be served.

There was always a first time for everything. This Kristoff had known ever since he was small. He could still remember the first time he'd gone ice harvesting, for example, an event he now looked back on in a sort of endearing embarrassment.

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  1. But it got me wondering what Anna and Kristoff's wedding might have been like, since we didn't see that on the show.

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