Trunks and android 18 kiss

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DBZ - Android 18 Kiss Krillin [Remastered 1080p] - YouTube

trunks and android 18 kiss
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Trunks x Android 18 -colour- by Empty-dreams. People also love these ideas. Birth. Part 1. - You had me at a kiss on the cheek.
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How the hell did Krillin end up with Android 18 anyway

Android 18 makes her debut in chapter The Androids Awake! She and her twin brother, Android 17 , were forcibly turned into cyborgs by Dr. Gero to serve his vendetta against Goku.

Vegeta And Bulma. Dragon Ball SD 21 Bonus - Page 4 (Krillin, Android Goku, Mirai Trunks, Dr Gero, Android love these ideas. Kuririn For Ever~ Android 18, Cute Chibi, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, You had me at a kiss on the cheek. ?? ??.
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49 Hot Pictures Of Android 18 From Dragon Ball Z Will Prove She Is The Sexiest Android Dr.Gero

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Dbz Android 18 GIFs

Hello all, Bloop here with a really cool blog. This blog is actually part of one massive collab. Who am I collabing with? All of these blogs are on the androids, so without further ado, let's dive right in.

Krillin and 18 first met when Dr. Gero was defeated by the Z Fighters and he desperately released 17 and 18 as a way to kill the Z Fighters but the two androids instead betrayed Dr. Gero and killed him. Three years prior to this meeting, all the Z Fighters were visited by Future Trunks, who told them that 17 and 18 would appear and cause massive havoc around the world that would result in the death of all the Z Fighters and a third of the world population. Due to this, Krillin went through intense training to prepare for the upcoming battle but secretly felt afraid of facing the androids. When they finally meet, Krillin was afraid of her and 18 initially didn't pay attention to him, as she was more interested in fighting Vegeta and hunting down Goku to kill him.

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