Pokemon sun and moon lillie

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Trainer Spotlight: Lillie

pokemon sun and moon lillie
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Super Deep Throat: Lillie

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""Hey there, Lillie! Bring me that great new Trainer. Woo!"" "So I'm here to show you the way to his Pokemon lab.
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Lillie (anime)

One of the most memorable is Lillie, a girl who is instantly recognizable by her flowing blonde hair, her white sundress, and the wide-brimmed hat she frequently wears., Log In Sign Up.

She assists , and is shown to live with, Professor Kukui for personal reasons. Lillie is first seen attempting to flee Aether Paradise three months prior to the beginning of the player 's adventure, during the opening cutscene.
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Later, when Ash described an unfamiliar Pokemon that he but no one else had witnessed, Lillie deduced that.
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She's one of Ash's classmates., She is Professor Kukui 's mysterious assistant.



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