Haru and makoto

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haru and makoto

Haru, Makoto and Ann Handjobs - Unknown Author

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MakoHaru is the slash ship between Makoto Tachibana and Haruka Nanase from the Free! Makoto also acts as Haruka's "caretaker" and fusses over him quite a bit since the latter doesn't care about much besides water and swimming. Makoto is seen having an internal battle with himself.
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Haruka Nanase/Relationships

Free! Duet Song Series vol 01. Haruka & Makoto 01. Always here [Lyrics; TL]

Prompt : Childhood: Makoto gets in trouble for something probably unlikely though haha and the teacher makes him sit outside the class for the rest of the period. Haru sees that Makoto looks like he's about to cry any minute and he rushes out the door with him. The teacher gets even more mad but Haru doesn't care and he just silently comforts a crying Makoto outside the class. Present time: He still secretly holds a grudge against that teacher who made Makoto cry. Something was bothering Makoto Tachibana. That was hardly ever the case Makoto was a bright lovely child who was considered an adorable cherished son to his parents, a prized and respected student to all his teachers already despite being so young, and an irreplaceable treasure to all his friends.

Character Song Duet Series vol. Tracklist: Always Here My base, your pace Always Here Off Vocal Itsumo koko de Motto jiyuu na oretachi ni narou ima todoita hikari ga mata Unagasu kibou te ni shite. Atozuke no riyuu wa nandemo ii betsuni fukai imi ga nakutemo ii Tada shizen de, atarimae de sonna koto imasara darou Kinou to onaji you na kao shitetatte mainichi nanika shiraokiteku kara Kitto kyou mo minogasenai oretachi ni aeru ki ga suru.

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