Black sails max and eleanor

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Max, Black Sails

black sails max and eleanor
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Black Sails - S02E02 - Lesbian Scene - Jessica Parker Kennedy & Clara Paget

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Black Sails is a show filled with as many quiet character beats as epic action sequences. Eleanor Guthrie had to die because Black Sails never lets its characters off the hook for past misdeeds — and as Max mentioned in 4.
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Assista Black Sails 'Eleanor & Max

Show: Black Sails. Character Status: Regular.
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Black Sails: Hannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy look back on Eleanor and Max’s journey

All the while, actress Hannah New has brought this often hard character to life with vulnerability and compassion. It was important that she had this opportunity to have a reconciliation with Max and be present with Flint again. The first Spanish raid to the island was very significant because her own mother died; it was a childhood trauma that stuck with her.
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That was an unexpected, violent and very sad death scene particularly since Eleanor was pregnant. - Episode 5.

In most television shows set before the 20th century, there are very few characters in them who aren't straight. At most, they will feature a supporting character who's "revealed" to be gay or bisexual, with maybe a love interest who gets killed or disappears tragically. Sometimes—very rarely—there will be one relationship that lasts more than a season, though chances of that decline the more seriously a show tries to take itself. If marginalized people often don't see themselves reflected in modern media, the problem only intensifies when it comes to stories set in the past. Starz's Black Sails was different. Although it aimed to be prestige TV for much of its run, the queer characters on Black Sails were never secondary. In fact, their choices, romantic and otherwise, were the bedrock of the show.

Black Sails may be the testosterone-fueled prequel to an equally male-centric tale of Treasure Island, but make no mistake — a couple of beautiful Nassau women in the cast are bosses in the series, which ends its swashbuckling tale this season. Despite the preponderance of these meaty male roles, their characters have stayed integral to the entire tale.

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